What is this FRET CON?

When you picked up your instrument you became a member of a new group of people. I like these people.  We make good vibrations. I want to in the midst of these people, you hopefully in 2024.  I am working on creating a conference of like minds and passions called FretCon.  The Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area has a few notable professional guitarist and bass players gigging all over the world, and locally that no one outside of family appreciates. There are a few more people like me and a lot younger that has discovered music since the Pandemic.  There are instructors that could be more successful if perspective students knew who and what they were offering. There may even be luthiers, and guitar techs like me that could use a boost in marketing. FretCon seeks to help us all connect.  I believe that the more connections we have, the more chances we have of succeeding.


I envision several areas for this one day conference.  There would be a center/main stage where I would get three local pros to play during the day for the group.  There would be a bass room, a guitar room, a vendors/founders/sponsors area and a food spot.  And when the featured guest aren’t playing the stage will be open to jam.  ALL DAY.


Guitarist and bass players no matter what we identify as are social beings.  Even if you are a one person band, you want to share your music. Communities are usually built around common interests, but that doesn’t mean we're clones. We can still find people within them who have different views, experiences, or beliefs, and learning from them can help us reach insights that we may not have reached on our own.


Sharing activities, ideas and feelings reinforces not only our sense of self, but also adds worth and value to the community. Indeed, the more the merrier applies in this case! That’s not to mention the huge beneficial effect sharing can have on mental health: higher engagement, positive emotions, and empowerment are only some of the benefits.

Creating a community like this will help us all. I have been struggling with some personal issues that reminded me of my mortality and the brevity of time. Living with uncertainty really was amplified during the COVID pandemic. This has made it more important than ever to have a strong support network in place. Indeed, one of the main reasons behind the importance of community is that it can help fight feelings of hopelessness.  A lot of people have taken their own lives thinking they were alone or that life had no meaning.


"Global guitar sales had been at their highest ever, increasing from $8 billion in 2019 to roughly $9.2 billion in 2020. That’s an overall increase of 15% in one year, which, in most markets, would be considered extraordinary. In 2020, $1.67 billion worth of guitars were sold in the US alone, that’s up 6.4% from 2019."  https://musicstrive.com/guitar-sales-statistics


There is a good chance this means there are folks in our area that may be interested. I hope so.  I am looking for folks like me.  I am looking for the seasoned pro that wants to share and grow their audience locally. Feeling we are part of something bigger can help give meaning to our lives. Finding others with the same values, interests, and world views makes us realize that we’re not alone and makes us feel valued.


I am hoping this gathering will give the old beginner the courage to persevere.  We all need an extra push to stop us from falling into unhealthy habits or thoughts sometimes. Experiencing the positive influence of like-minded people is another reason behind the importance of community.

I am hoping to attract instructors and allow them to meet potential students who need more stimuli than an online advertisement or desire to hire them.

Parents of future musicians that could save time and money with the right connections.


There is no house like the house of belonging. - David Whyte


If you would like to become a founding member of this audacious endeavor, www.FretCon.org , contact me directly or respond to this google list. https://forms.gle/S7fL9Eu9PZQKB82R8


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