What is this FRET CON?

When you picked up your instrument you became a member of a new group of people. I like these people.  We make good vibrations. I want to in the midst of these people, you hopefully in 2024.  I am working on creating a conference of like minds and passions called FretCon.  The Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area has a few notable professional guitarist and bass players gigging all over the world, and locally that no one outside of family appreciates. There are a few more people like me and a lot younger that has discovered music since the Pandemic.  There are instructors that could be more successful if perspective students knew who and what they were offering. There may even be luthiers, and guitar techs like me that could use a boost in marketing. FretCon seeks to help us all connect.  I believe that the more connections we have, the more chances we have of succeeding.   I envision several areas for this one day conference.  There would be a center/main stage where I would ge

Introducing Fret Con

Hi, I am putting together a conference to grow a community of guitarist and bassist. I may need a speaker to present, or a musician to play for the event. I don’t have a budget yet but expect great things to come from it. Please let me know if you can assist in any way as I put meat to this project. I call it Fret Con. I am planning to bring seasoned vets, (gigging musicians) instructors, newbies of all ages and some retail vendors together for a fun day marketing, meeting and learning. Rev. Kenn Blanchard

Something New

There are many new guitarist of all ages since the COVID 19 pandemic.  If you are interested in attending a conference in our area with vendors, instructors, music lovers and musicians of all levels, join me here as I build the community to help you grow, make money, learn faster, find a jam partner and friend. "Guitar is the best form of self-expression I know. Everything else, and I'm just sort of tripping around, trying to figure my way through life." Slash I am trying to help guitar/bass instructors, parents of guitarist and bassist, those of us that are rediscovering guitar/bass at a later stage in life in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area.   "Music is life."   Playing the guitar is saving my life right now as I deal with caring for a bedridden spouse. I am putting together a conference of the guitar/bass playing community to help others connect with instructors, retail and new friends.